Why I chose Lower Westchester!

Having lived in uptown Manhattan for the majority of my life I think like most New Yorkers,  I just never thought there would be another place that I’d call home. I’ve always loved to travel and a job opportunity led my husband and I to Madrid, Spain in 2011. So we packed up our lives and found tenants for our uptown coop.  After living in Europe for a few years I realized that I wanted to offer my new baby an environment that fostered family values like the ones we experienced in Madrid. Once it was time to move back home we faced the decision to move our family of 3 back into a cramped New York City apartment downtown. Instead, we decided that the better choice was to finally leave The City. New Rochelle’s diversity, amazing school system, and proximity to Manhattan were a big draw for us. But, the real winners were the proximity to  my hometown and the accessibility (two major interstates close by, as well as access to Metro North stations and a quick drive to the subway if necessary). Now, we get the benefits of raising two daughters (we grew the family to get more out of the school taxes, jk) in a beautiful home with enough space for all my shoes, and just a 25 minute drive into Manhattan for a night out. New Rochelle was the perfect blend for this city girl to find the space and quality of life I was looking for.

There are so many wonderful towns in Westchester that I know there’s a perfect place for anyone here.

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